Since when did the professor and Song Yi get so close?

I’ve never seen this pictures before ._.

Is this just a bts or extra scenes from the drama? :(
(Credits to You who came from the stars ‘Line’ account)

To the most beautiful choding I know in the whole world. Also The only one person I know who looks good in anything, Yoona!

[140527] 50th Baeksang art awards

Don’t know if I ship them or I just like them together in a picture lol.
(Because Jun Ji hyun eonni is married ;_; but I’m still happy for her)

—>Also Congrats to Kim soo hyun opppa and Jun ji hyun eonni!<—

[140527] 50th Baeksang art awards

For almost 2 hours, I was watching 50th Baeksang art awards to see them live, but I guess this was really worth it.

Please kill me cause they look good together…
(Suddenly realize that Jun Ji hyun is married T_T)

50th Baeksang Arts Awards - Popularity Award // Kim Soo Hyun, Do Min Joon-sshi’s confession? :)


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man from the stars (dec 18, 2013 - feb 27, 2014)

"There are always a lot of people around you, but you are here alone." "Why am I alone? We are here together."


We are perfectly happy….when you are by my side.